Welcome to Belsias Communications

Belsias Communications is a multi-disciplinary communications hub. We help clients succeed in new categories by infusing a rich design language and product embodiments into their brands that instantly connect with their target consumers and enrich the brand’s meaning and positioning in the market.

We innovate

Driven by innovation, we develop new ideas and put them into action. With love and passion we create only the best to the client's satisfaction.Our language is quality and nothing less.

We brand

As your assured brand ambassador, we create valuable impressions through designs that makes your product stands out from the rest while reinforcing the identity and uniqueness that inspires a great confidence.

We inspire

The inevitable effect our brand has on our clients is that they feel self-actualised and confident yet socially responsible. We communicate value and quality through exellence.

Our Recent Work

What Clients Say

You guys are never disappointing; you deliver the best quality!

- Sean Mamela
Sama Media.

I really love your work, your level of professionalism and creativity is so amazing!

- Mpho Makhubele
Ndzhaka Interiors.

Contact Info

  • 011 695 4800
  • info@belsiascomm.co.za
  • www.belsiascomm.co.za
  • Monday-Friday : 08:00am to 17:00pm
  • Saturday : 09:00am to 03:00pm
  • Sunday : Closed